Full Rewires

For Domestic & Commercial Properties

Rewiring to Modern Standards

Modern homes have a lot more demand for electrical equipment then houses 40 years ago and generally need rewiring to bring the electrical installation up to scratch and ready to meet modern demand.  Rackheath electrical are here to help with commercial and domestic rewires (occupied or unoccupied).

There are two main stages to rewire 1st fix and 2nd fix.

Stage 1 - First Fix

On the 1st fix stage the walls will be chased out, floor boards will be lifted and cables run to all areas of the installation. 

Cables will be housed in conduits and installed into boxes in the wall ready for plastering and re decoration. 

This part of the rewire is difficult when the property is occupied great care is taken to control dust but some disruption is unavoidable at this stage.

Stage 2 - Second Fix

The 2nd fix stage is where everything comes together the accessories/lights are installed the fuse board is mounted and the installation is tested to confirm its safe to be used and is compliant to BS7671.

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Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades

Many electrical alterations are required when upgrading kitchens and bathrooms and its best to use a registered electrician to complete these tasks.  Rackheath Electrical work with many contractors installing kitchens and bathrooms across Norfolk and pride ourselves on providing a quality service.