Fuse Board Upgrades

Creating A Safer Environment

How We Can Help

Fuse board technology is constantly changing in order to improve safety in the home and business premises.  Older fuse boards and boxes can be hazardous.  If you are concerned that your property may be served by an old style board without RCD protection we can help.

Rackheath electrical is here to offer an upgrade at competitive prices.

What Is RCD Protection?

An RCD is a residual current device and will disconnect the electrical supply when an earth fault is detected. 

It offers a higher level of protection than standard fuses and circuit breakers can provide. RCD’s monitor the current flowing through a circuit and will disconnect immediately when current is detected taking an unexpected path (such as though a person that has mistakenly touched a live component) and seriously reduces the risk of death from electric shock.

What Is Surge Protection?

In todays modern homes with more and more expensive gadgets we need a way to protect these items from transient over-voltage being brought into the home from lighting strikes on the national grid. 

This is where surge protection is a must. When over-voltage is detected the surge protector will divert the voltage to earth protection the electrical equipment within the installation.

Domestic Fuse Boards

Fuse boards within domestic property’s must be made from non combustible materials. 

London fire brigade report 5 house fires a week involve plastic fuse boards with loose connections or faulty equipment due to the materials used to manufacture these boards the spread of fire was unavoidable.